Accepted SoCG Workshops

(for the schedule, please see the program page)

  • Geometric Computing on Uncertain Data
    • Organizers: Pankaj Agarwal, Nirman Kumar, Ben Raichel and Subhash Suri
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    • Abstract: [+]
      There is a growing need for geometric algorithms that can gracefully operate under data uncertainty. The sources of data uncertainty can vary widely, from measurement noise to missing information and strategic randomness, among others. A number of researchers within computational geometry have recently explored a variety of data uncertainty models and problem-specific approaches, demonstrating a breadth of interest and scope. The research, however, is still in a state of infancy, and ripe for a broader exchange of ideas. The goal of the workshop is to provide a forum for computational geometers interested in this topic to learn about the current state of the art, stimulate discussions about new directions and challenges, and to foster collaborations.

  • Tutorials on Ricci flow and optimal transportation: theories, algorithms and applications
    • Organizers: David Xianfeng Gu and Na Lei
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    • Abstract: [+]
      This tutorial has two parts. Part I is on (surface) Ricci flow. Surface Ricci flow gives the solution to a highly non-linear metric PDE: Yamabe's equation. The computational algorithms is based on the convex optimization, and the theoretical framework has been applied to graphics, vision, geometric modeling, networking and medical imaging fields.
      Part II is on optimal transportation. Optimal mass transportation map transforms one probability measure to the other in the most economic way. This tutorial introduces a variational framework to solve the problem. The algorithm is closely related to upper envelop, power Voronoi diagram, power Delaunay triangulation in classical computational geometry.

  • 5th Mini-Symposium on Computational Topology
    • Organizers: Justin Curry, Pawel Dlotko, Michael Lesnick and Clement Maria.
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    • Abstract: [+]
      Part I: Software solutions for geometric and topological understanding of high dimensional data. This part focuses on the state of the art implementations of algorithms for computing topological features in data analysis. Existing software for statistics in topology (e.g, TDA R-package, persistence landscape toolbox, kernel for persistence) will also be showcased.
      Part II: Applications and algorithms for computational topology. This part focuses on practical problems in which topology is used in (large scale) engineering and life sciences computations. This includes granular and material science, fluid dynamics, electromagnetism, neurobiology and surrounding areas. We will also present recent algorithmic developments and applications of computational topology.


Saturday, June 18 will feature a special all-day event, consisting of a number of workshops and two invited talks that will be organized together with STOC. This will take place at the venue of STOC in Cambridge. For details, see our SOCG+STOC page.

BC60 Workshop

On the afternoon of June 17, there will be a workshop in honor of Bernard Chazelle's 60th birthday (BC60). See details on the BC60 webpage.

Mission Statement

In recent years, CG Week has evolved to include a series of workshops, with the goal of allowing a broad audience to actively participate in the community's major scientific event. Topics can be related to all aspects of computational geometry / topology and applications. Workshops may feature invited speakers, contributed presentations, software demos, panel discussions, industry forums, tutorials, posters, videos, implementation challenges, artwork, etc. CG Week workshops have no formal proceedings. Organizers may coordinate with journals to publish special issues, or arrange for other means of dissemination (e.g., via arXiv, webpages, or printed booklets).

This year in particular will feature a special Joint SoCG/STOC Workshop Day. Workshops on this day are expected to be of interest to researchers of both SoCG and STOC communities.

In addition, this year will feature a workshop in honor of Bernard Chazelle's 60th birthday (BC60).

Workshop Committee

Suresh Venkatasubramanian, University of Utah, USA, suresh @
Yusu Wang (Chair), Ohio State University, USA, yusu @

Additional Information

We anticipate that SoCG regular workshops will operate at low cost. Limited funding may be available for invited speakers and/or student participants. This will be coordinated by the CG Week organizers and the Workshop Chair. Qualifying young researchers are encouraged to apply for travel funding; see details on this page by April 1st. CG Week organizers will provide organizational assistance, including registration, meeting rooms at the CG Week venue, coffee breaks, wireless network, and a link to the web page of the event.