Registration fees for CG-week and SoCG-STOC day

  • Regular: (includes contribution to SoCG fund)
    • Extra late fee in effect: USD $500
    • Late fee was $450. Early fee was $395.
  • Student or Postdoc:
    • Early fee of $195 has been extended.
    • Please ask us if there are funds to waive registration.

Deadline for early registration was May 10. Extra late fee in effect as of June 7.

Payment options:

  • Credit or Debit card (via Paypal) -or- Paypal
    • Card processing costs SoCG 3% for transactions in the US,
      and 4% for non-US cards. Consider using another method.
    • For cards from certain countries, Paypal requires signing up. To check if this applies to your card / country, you may run a quick test using the simple payment form, in the link right after the registration form.
  • USA Bank transfer (to Bank of America account) *
  • USA check. Please email SoCG for instructions.
  • Euro Bank transfer (to account in Belgium) *
  • Canada: Interac e-transfer *
  • Cash under special circumstances

    * For transfers, instructions are given in the registration form.

EXTRA LATE registration form
(includes option to officially sign up and pay for accommodation at NEU residences)
(If you need to pay separately, please email SoCG)

Anyone who had trouble making a payment or who received permission to delay payment may use this simple payment form.

Student funding

The deadline to apply was April 1, 2016.
Any student (regardless of country of academic affiliation) who missed this deadline may still send a quick note to socg2016@gmail, indicating your intention to apply.