Accepted Contributions


Rooms: (Tue. - Fri.)
      A (for Auditorium). On ground floor, directly ahead of entrance.
                  Used for all single-track sessions, track A of SoCG talks, and YRF talks.
      B (for Basement). One floor down, adjacent to elevators / staircase.
                  Used for track B of SoCG talks and workshops.
      C (for Classroom). One floor up; nearest room to elevators / staircase.
                  Used for track C of workshops.
      D (for Demo). Adjacent to C, on 2nd floor.
                  Used for Multimedia presentations.
                  (Note: each presentation will also be featured in lobby at specific times)

Detailed daily schedules (click to to show / hide contents)
   Printed copies will be available at the registration desk.

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  • Friday
  • Saturday

Overview of weekly schedule