The SoCG venue and the welcome reception venue both have restricted access. Please bring your ID, as you may be required to sign in when you first arrive. Signing in at one of the two locations should allow free access to either for the rest of the day (hopefully week). For this reason, it is better to arrive a little early on the first day. We will do our best to simplify the process.


SoCG location

   Sackler building, 145 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02111.
   This at the Tufts downtown campus. Do not go to Medford.

   Here is our map of the location.

Getting in:

    Fly: Logan airport (BOS). Then connect to downtown:
    • by subway (blue line). There are frequent free shuttle buses from all terminals to the blue line subway. Go to the platform on the opposite side of entrance (direction: Bowdoin). Switch at State, after 3 stops, to the orange line, direction Forest Hills. It's 3 stops to Tufts (SoCG), plus 2 to the residences. If heading to Tufts, you can also get off one stop earlier, at Chinatown.
      Approximately 40 minutes to SoCG, plus 5 to residences.
    • by free bus (silver line), from all terminals to South Station. From there you can walk to SoCG, or use the red subway line (and then the orange). See South Station instructions below. The total time is similar to the blue line option.
    • by taxi ($30 to SoCG, $35 to residences; 10-15 minutes)

    Train: All Amtrak trains stop at Back Bay (BBY). Orange subway line is in the station. Direction Oak Grove to Tufts (2 stops). Direction Forest Hills to residences (1 stop) or walk 15 minutes.
    Note that Amtrak trains make a final stop at South Station (BOS). See instructions directly below.

    Bus (South Station): Most long distance buses stop here. It's a 10 minute walk to SoCG. The red line subway is in the station. Go to Downtown crossing (1 stop) and switch to the Orange line, direction Forest Hills (1 stop to Chinatown, plus 1 to Tufts, plus 2 to residences).

    Subway: The orange line is the most convenient for SoCG, which is around the corner from the Tufts Medical stop. The Chinatown stop also works well.
    If you happen to be on the green line, the closest stop is Boylston Street.
    For the residences go to the Massachusetts Ave. stop on the orange line, or Symphony on the green line. SoCG and the residences are two stops away from each other on the orange line. See our map above, or the much more detailed MBTA subway map.
    Tickets are $2.65 with a "CharlieTicket", that can be bought at any station, or $2.10 with a "CharlieCard", available only at some locations. Week passes are $19; see the MBTA website.

    Walk: SoCG is at 145 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02111.
    The residences are at 291 St Botolph St, Boston, MA 02115.

    Parking is available at the Tufts Medical Center Garage (274 Tremont Street or 800 Washington St). Directions and rates are given here. Make sure to validate your ticket at the security desk in the Sackler building, to get the rates listed.
    Parking at NEU: This garage was recommended. It is not affiliated with NEU, but NEU can provide deeply discounted tickets at the front desk, for $15 per day (no in/out privileges). Ask us, or ask at their front desk.

Important note about the Visa Waiver Program
Nationals of Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Syria, and people who have traveled to those countries since 2011, are no longer eligible for U.S. visa waivers. Valid ESTAs are being revoked, but regular visa applications may be made. Certain exceptions may apply.
See this official link for more information.


  • Hotels in Boston are expensive and supply is limited.
    We have a couple of reserved rooms, only available for another day or two, at around $275-375 per night.
  • There is a youth hostel (HI Boston), very close to SoCG.

  • Residences at Northeastern University (NEU)
    • Under 10 spots are still available. Please contact SoCG if you need accommodation.
    • All arrangements must be made via SoCG. NEU does not deal with individual bookings.
    • We are using the East Village residence. See our map.
      The address is 291 St Botolph St, Boston, MA 02115.
      This is near the Massachusetts Avenue subway station, 2 stops away from SoCG on the orange line.
    • Pictures of rooms are available here.
    • Room rates, per person:
      • Single semi-private
        • Either one single bed in room, or two single beds with one left unoccupied.
        • Shares bathroom with one other single, used similarly (2 people total per bathroom)
        • $80 per night, tax included.
      • Double semi-private
        • Two single beds
        • Shares bathroom with another double (up to 4 people per bathroom)
        • $62 per night, tax included.
      • Fully private
        • Like "Single semi-private", but no sharing bathroom
        • Single occupancy $125, tax included.
        • Double occupancy: $160, tax incl.
    • For parking, see the racecar icon above.

Lunch map

On google maps
PDF with list (copy from progam booklet)

Social events

Everything below is included in registration.
Locations are highlighted on our map.
If you need extra tickets, please let us know.

  • Tuesday lunch (barbecue: burgers, salads, shakes and smoothies)
    12pm - 1:15pm. Located at the courtyard across almost across the street from SoCG, at 160 Harrison Ave. Access is via this building (the courtyard is visible on the right in the picture).
    The SoCG registration desk will be in the Sackler building, so try to drop by there first if time permits.

  • Tuesday evening: starting at 6:45pm, we will meet at the Black Rose Irish pub, located at 160 State Street, downtown.
    This is a 1.4km walk from SoCG, or accessible via the orange line.
    Expect stationed platters of food, open bar, and live music. Our event will last about 2 hours but everybody is welcome to stay on later than that, as the space is opened to the public. You may also arrive and hang out early.
    There should be enough time to drop luggage off at NEU after SoCG ends, and return downtown without missing anything.
    Bring ID.

  • Wednesday lunch, 1pm: dim sum at Hei La Moon, no more than a 5 minute walk from SoCG. Walk out onto Harrison, turn left, pass Kneeland, turn right on Beach, cross the street after the big gate, it's on the left.
    You can order from the menu or from the carts that pass by each table.

  • Wednesday evening: starting at 6:45 - 9pm, we will meet at the Skywalk observatory, on the 50th floor of the Prudential building.
    Directions are in this link.
    This is not a sit-down dinner, but there will be enough food to keep you going all evening. Expect passed and stationed hors d'oeuvres, at least one drink ticket (edit: replace "one" with "as many as you like"), and great views. Sunset is at 8:23.
    There is time to drop things off at NEU after SoCG. The building is a 10 minute walk away from there.
    Bring ID.

  • Friday evening, 6pm: reception for BC60. The location is the same as that of Tuesday's lunch. Lots of food, open bar.
    Bring ID.

Student funding

The deadline to apply was April 1, 2016.
Any student (regardless of country of academic affiliation) who missed this deadline may still send a quick note to socg2016@gmail, indicating intention to apply.

Child Care

Partially subsidized child care will be available from Monday to Friday.
If you would like assistance with child care, it is critical that you let us know as soon as possible, by providing your contact info in this form.